Are you ready for a guided fishing experience you will never forget?  Within an hour drive of Nashville, there are hundreds of miles of rivers that offer some of the best bass fishing in the country.  While kayaking and canoeing are popular ways to explore the river, kick boats are more efficient and easier to maneuver while fishing around current.  Let me show you why kick boating is the most exciting way to fish. 

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Half Day on the Harpeth

A 3-4 hour fishing trip will send you along one the most historic and scenic rivers in Tennessee.  This slow Class 1 float will wind around rolling green hills and steep limestone walls.  All three species of bass thrive on the Harpeth River, but the smallmouth bass is KING!!!

Two Day Excursion for the Hardcore Fisherman

A full two day, overnight camping trip, with all the gear and meals provided.  If you are looking to get away from it all and become one with the river, this is your trip!  Wildlife is everywhere along the river, so plan on having a true outdoors experience.  Depending on the trip, you even have the option of having your vehicle at the campsite.

Full Day Fishing the Harpeth, Piney, Buffalo, or Stones River

A full day, 8 hour float on some of the finest bass fishing waters in middle Tennessee.  All four rivers have their subtle differences.  With so many access points, there is never a problem finding the right section to drift, depending on water conditions and your skill level.

Lake Fishing Percy Priest on Kayaks, or a Fully Rigged Bass Boat

Though I believe kick boating the rivers is the most thrilling way to catch any fish, it is not for everyone.  It can take a bit out of you, so it helps if you are physically fit.  Here is a more relaxing option, which also has the convenience of being only 20 minutes from downtown Nashville.  This trip is also a great alternitive on days where water flow is too high for river trips.